CXO Selection

Organizations often make inaccurate decisions while hiring at CXO levels, leading to incalculable loss in revenue, profits & market value. We at PGC believe interviewing & selection of leadership talent is a key skill, which build businesses.

Our core capabilities driven by deep insights through Hogan leadership assessment (accurately predicting job performance, motives & behavioural derailers); validation behavioural event interviews and an insightful candidate assessment summary enables organisations make wise hiring decisions.

At PGC we believe that we don’t select leaders, we secure the performance & future success of your company.

Talent Management

Having the right talent is at the core of business success. Our wide experience across industries and depth in assessment tools such as Hogan, Disc, Belbin, Firo-B, MBTI etc., allow us to accurately assess & predict current & future potential, job fit and identify derailers/risks (if any).

Talent assessment and succession planning is key to Business growth and Org culture. Our Talent Management & Succession Planning frameworks, that are developed, tested & matured through custom implementation across industries / sectors, enable building a stable & predictable process for leadership development & succession pipeline in organisations.

We at PGC believe that Talent Management isn’t an HR process but a core business enabling process.

Assessment Centers

Assessing talent is a deep skill-set. It needs to be objective, fair and contextual. In other words, it needs to be free of bias & judgement.

Suspending bias or judgement doesn’t come naturally to the human mind. One needs to be trained and adept at it. At PGC our assessors are intensely trained and certified to be clinically objective and deeply empathetic at the same time.

Our assessment methodologies include extensively researched case methodology, business & behavioural simulations, expertise in Hogan assessment, observation skills and BEI capabilities.

At PGC we deploy assessment centres to identify Hi-Potential talent for succession or development or both.

Executive Coaching

The fine art of asking simple yet powerful questions, eliciting thought & words, causing one to reflect & learn, in an empathetic & non-threatening environment; could be called coaching.

Over several years, having worked with more than 50 Organisations and 100’s of CXOs; we have enabled leaders on-board, make transitions, realise their potential, avoid derailment and discover their leadership mettle. With 15+ ICF Certified PCC and MCC Coaches, with coaching experience in excess of 10,000 hours; our depth of expertise in this area is unparalleled.

At PGC we believe leaders aren’t born, they are made. When people discover their unlimited potential and unleash the same, they break their own boundaries and outgrow their past frame.

Culture Transformation

While organisations are intensely focussed on growth, profits & people; what actually makes an organisation successful at it core, is its culture. Culture is the soul of an organisation.

Its imperative for leaders to think deeply about culture, as it would exist either way. The question to examine is whether leaders want an intentional culture or an unintentional one? Smart leadership teams make choices and work towards creating an intentional culture. This enables fostering the right behaviours and thereby the desired outcomes over long periods of time.

We at PGC believe that a differentiated Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage for an Organisation. We help organisations measure & build an intentional culture.

Team & OD Interventions

People are the biggest multiplier for any organisation. Building great teams requires bringing together people with diverse perspectives & from diverse backgrounds. Enabling them to work together however is another challenge.

With our vast experience working with teams and deep OD work with multiple companies, we have developed team effectiveness frameworks that can be deployed to bring people together, at work. The methodology addresses issues such as (but not limited to) a shared vision/goals, trust, camaraderie and accountability. With the use of psychometrics such as Hogan, Belbin, Disc or MBTI, we are able to profile individuals and teams accurately, enable them to understand each other and work together. Our methodologies have proven efficacy when delivered both physically & virtually.

Employer Branding

In a world of brands, how we are viewed by others is as important as who we think we are.

If an Organisation’s goal is to attract the best talent, managing its reputation is as important as managing its self-identity. Employer branding is an effort to bridge gap between self-identify and external reputation. The process to define one’s self-identity involves clarifying one’s employee value proposition, besides one’s own purpose, vision, mission & values.

At PGC we believe the best form of employer branding would be a company’s ability to express its core employee value proposition through its own people, thereby making them its biggest brand ambassadors.

HR Accelerator

For companies that are mid-sized and scaling rapidly, it is challenging to attract top HR talent to establish people processes in the Organisation.

For such organisations, PGC brings a unique offering that we call HR Accelerator. We bring in senior but hands on team of experts in the areas such as Hiring, C&B, Talent Management, Leadership Development, L&D, HR Ops, etc. to quickly establish people processes in the organisation using an agile deployment frameworks. This catapults the capability of the HR function by 5X in a matter of 6-12 months, enabling the organisation’s business to scale quickly.

Our unique service of HR Accelerator is a project(s) based model with a minimum engagement period of 3-6 months with well defined scope and deliverables.

At PGC we believe that the HR function is a business accelerator and should perform as such.


In the space of human behaviour, Psychometrics is a reliable science that allows for reasonably accurate depiction of preferences, behaviours and in a few cases predict potential & job performance.

The mere usage of multiple psychometric tools such as Hogan, Disc, Belbin, MBTI, FIRO-B etc., doesn’t differentiate us.

At PGC we believe our competitive advantage does not lie in our understanding & usage of psychometrics but our innate ability to contextualize its deployment and create value through our consulting expertise. Consulting expertise requires the right combination of experience, expertise and perspective; something that our consultants are able to bring to the table.